Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dhandarry Resort in Abary River offers fishing adventures

Stabroek News: The thatched palm roof of a benab and simple latticed walkway greets guests as Dhandarry Nature Resort rises serenely from the waters of the Abary Creek after a six-mile speedboat journey.

The resort was the realisation of a dream for 43-year-old Mahaicony resident, proprietor Kumar Ramdeo who told Stabroek News that he had always wanted to transform a piece of land into something where persons could relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Ramdeo said he would often sit quietly and imagine such a place whenever he accompanied his father Dhandarry Ramdeo to tend his rice and cattle farm. Last April Ramdeo opened the resort about 13 miles up the Abary Creek, and named it in honour of his now deceased father.

Already it has hosted several overseas-based guests. An excited guest told this newspaper that the place was “fantastic” and that he would encourage his friends to visit. He said a resort was much needed in Berbice and he commended Ramdeo for “taking up the challenge.” Ramdeo got down to work after visiting other resorts to see what was on offer and acquiring a substantial amount of money. Ivan Charles, a resident of the Rupununi was hired to work on the project and to build the benabs.

Currently guests can enjoy activities such as boating, fishing, biking, bird-watching and sightseeing in the conservancy and in the savannah. Or they can simply enjoy the scenery, especially the birds flying by from the patio. “It is a joy for the guests to watch the manatees go by in the creek especially in the nights, he said. Additionally, guests can also enjoy games such as volleyball, basketball or cricket or choose from the many board games such as Chinese checkers, Scrabble and dominoes or just simply relax in the hammocks. Meanwhile, more adventurous guests can choose to “experience milking the cows in the mornings and horseback riding in the savannah while the vaqueros round up cattle,” Ramdeo said.

At Dhandarry, accommodation is provided in a specially built cabin which consists of three spacious self-contained bedrooms. When persons make reservations they are also asked what food and beverages they prefer and Ramdeo ensures that it is available before they get there. He said proudly the resort’s fare comes from his livestock farm located nearby where he rears creole fowls, ducks, turkeys, sheep and cows. He also provides fish dishes with fish freshly caught in the creek and vegetables from his organic vegetable garden. And if the guests request a buffet style of service the resort can also provide outside barbecues on the lawns or campfire dinners.

Ramdeo said he is in the process of establishing a cassava farm in order to produce casareep. He also intends to build an aqua-culture farm which would be staffed with persons from the area. He also spoke at length about his plans to set up an office at Bush Lot, West Berbice; to add jet skiing to the line-up of water sports and to boost his boating service by buying more boats and outboard engines and even four-runners to traverse the dam. The resort is powered by solar energy.

Ramdeo said he knows that there is still room for improvement and welcomes suggestions. Along the seven-mile drive he spoke confidently about his plans and was optimistic that the resort would soon attract persons from all parts of the country. The trip to the resort, a total of one hour of travelling time was peaceful with cattle ranches and rice farms and a few houses dotting the landscape. When we finally reached our destination, Ramdeo became silent as the roofs of the benabs seem to rise gracefully from the calm waters of the creek.

Guests disembark at a remodelled farmhouse overlooking the creek which now boasts a patio decorated with hammocks. After indulging in a bit of horseback riding, playing a few games of volleyball and basketball, fishing in ponds and enjoying the goodies that we had packed it was time to say goodbye. We left the resort feeling satisfied and vowing to return soon with friends and family to share in the idyllic surroundings.

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